Welcome to Fram

Welcome to Fram!
Fram as a sports club is an important meeting place for many people in Larvik.
Many children, young people and adults spend a lot of their spare time here.
There are probably many things you need information about. We will try to help you with the answers so that you can have a good start as a member of the sports club.

Safe and Sound
All sports clubs are committed to give their children and youth a safe environment to play football. Football has strict rules, and have a policy to work against bullying, harassment, racism and violence. To be a coach or a leader for children, you must have an authorized police reference.

In Norway sports are organized by volunteers
The football team your child is part of, is organized by volunteers, and the team has nothing to do with school or the county of Larvik. The coaches and team leaders are not paid for the work they do, but do this volunteerly because they want to contribute, and also often do this because their own child is participating on the team. Most coaches and team leaders use a big amount of their own spare time to do this work,

Who runs the team?
The coach is responsible for the team acitivities, and all the training. The team leader organizes the team, and keep track of all the team members and all the administration.

The first thing to do
It is important that the team leader and coach has the correct information about the player and the players parents. The coach need to know who to call if something happens to the player during training or matches.

If the player do not have Norwegian citizenship, the team leader needs to have a copy of both the player´s and the parents´ residence permit (visa), so the registration into the football systems will be correct.

What kind of equipment is needed?
The team players must have a t-shirt, tracksuit pants, shin protectors and football trainers. During winter time a warm jacket and a hat is also needed.

It is allowed to wear long tracksuit pants and headwear both during training, and in matches. Fram has a room for used equipment and clothing, which will be handed out for free for those who are in need of it.

What does it cost to participate?
Everyone must pay to participate i the sports club´s activities. The cost for participating is lower in Fram, than in many other sports clubs.

Everyone pays two different fees. The first fee is the membership fee, and the other fee is the training fee.

We don´t have enough money to pay for the fee
It is possible to get financial support to pay for the fees, either from NAV, or talk directly with the coach or the team leader of the team. Fram will help those who are in need of both equipment and financial support for the fee.

No team players should stop practising football because of low family income.

What do we expect from the parents?
A football team needs money to buy equipment for the team, and to participate in football tournaments. To earn this money the parents need to help the with voluntary work – called «dugnad». To help with «dugnad», means mostly that the parents must either sell cakes on arrangements, or bake the cakes before the arrangements.

To join in on «dugnad», has a social benefit by letting you to get to know the other parents on the team much better. If every parent contribute with just a little amount of time, it will avoid that some of the parents have to contribute with a lot of their time.

How to get to matches and tournaments?
To get to matches and tournaments, the parents on the team have to drive. This will not be paid for by the sports club. It is both social and environmental friendly to fill up the cars with team players. Every parent who has a car and can drive, need to drive every now and then. In that way, it will not be the same parents who drive every time.